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For the past three years we have featured twelve different non-profit organizations every December. This article series is called “12 Days of Giving.” We’re so glad that we continued the tradition this year. IEShineOn.com is in a great position to share the stories of our local non-profit organizations. While, I wish we had the resources to keep up with featuring a new non-profit every month, I hope that we can still spread awareness and inspiration with the twelve days we are able to focus on local Inland Empire non-profit organizations that dedicate their efforts to make our communities better.

We hope you’ll check out each non-profit organization’s story, but if you don’t have the time, we hope you’ll check out at least one and be inspired.


Day 1 – Oparc – Helping disabled adults find jobs. http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-2016-_-oparc/

Day 2 – Project Boon – Organizing force behind community events that bring together committed individuals and organizations to assist underserved individuals and those in need in the Inland Empire.  http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-2016-_-project-boon/

Day 3 – Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy – Enriching the lives of San Bernardino County youth. http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-2016-_-young-visionaries-youth-leadership-academy/

Day 4 – Jurupa Valley Adopt-A-Family – Providing financial, health and emotional support to seniors. http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-_-jurupa-valley-adopt-a-family/

Day 5 – Desert AIDS Project – Protecting the health of those in Coachella Valley. http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-2016-_-desert-aids-project-/

Day 6 – Inland Valley Recovery Services – Helping turn around the lives of those affected by drug abuse. http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-2016-_-inland-valley-recovery-services/

Day 7 – Inland Empire Children’s Book Project – Providing books and other educational materials to local students. http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-2016-_inland-empire-childrens-book-project/

Day 8 – Veterans Partnering with Communities  – Helping end homelessness and poverty among military veterans. http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-2016-_-veterans-partnering-with-communities/

Day 9 – Yucaipa Vision Quest – Offering free art classes and promotes the work of local artists. http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-2016-_-yucaipa-vision-quest-/

Day 10 – Ark Homes Foster Family Agency – Provides support and service to foster children and their foster families. http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-2016-_-ark-home-family-foster-agency/

Day 11 – The Route 66 Garden – Educating families and communities to grow their own food. http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-2016-__-the-root-66-garden/

Day 12 – Pomona Valley Workshop – Providing life skills and work skills to disabled adults. http://www.ieshineon.com/article/12-days-of-giving-2016-_-pomona-valley-workshop-/

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