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Right now we’re proud to offer our new Local Offer Promotions and Coupons. Depending on the needs for your business, we can work together to create a compelling offer in order to introduce or promote your business in the Inland Empire.

Check out how Local Offer Promotions work:


To learn more about how your offer would look and additional inquiries, please contact or 909-257-8862. Thanks!

Another promotion opportunity provides is COUPONS!  Purchase a 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month coupon placement.

Learn more about our Coupon Placement Opportunity. Click here.


And we have more advertising and sponsorship options:

For rates, media kit and further inquiries please contact or 909-257-8862.


Available blog ad placements:

  1. Leaderboard media unit: 728×90 .swf or static .jpg
  2. Side media unit: (1) 125×125 or (2) 100×100 static .jpg



Every Wednesday we release a Weekend Fun Guide blog post where we list all the different fun events happening that weekend across the Inland Empire. Check out this Weekend Fun Guide for reference.

You can sponsor a Weekend Fun Guide and receive:



We will work with you to write a dedicated blog post about your product, service or event. As added value you will get a FREE SIDE MEDIA UNIT PLACEMENT! For an example of a Sponsored Blog Post, check out the one we did for Banana Boat®.




Share your product or event with thousands of Inland Empire visitors and residents by sponsoring a giveaway. You provide the prize and we use a nifty app that allows us to set up different criteria to enter the giveaway.

For example, in order to enter a giveaway, we can make it mandatory for followers to follow your Facebook page and Twitter, tweet about the giveaway or share the giveaway on Facebook. Entrants will get a different amount of entry points for each criteria. Confusing? As a reference, check out the giveaways we’ve run on our blog.

With the giveaway sponsorship you will receive:


We want to create the best online marketing tactic that fits your needs.  We want to be more than a publisher, we want to be your marketing partner.  We will work with you to create a customized sponsorship opportunity that gets results.

It all starts with a conversation, so let’s talk!  Email or fill out the contact form below to get the conversation started!