An Evening of Class at VOM FASS Claremont  


By: Jamie Solis

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Downtown Claremont has an early evening vibe that creates a buzz of excitement and warmth in the streets—setting the mood for IEShineOn’s enjoyable experience at VOM FASS Claremont. More than a specialty grocery store located on First Street in the heart of the new village, VOM FASS carries only the best quality oils, wines, spirits, gifts and more. It is hands-down one of the most unique must-see shops we have encountered in the Inland Empire from their endless stock of unique cooking ingredients like Coffee Oil and Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar to original items like Pure Lavender Honey, Hot Pepper Vodka and Scotch whiskeys from all over Scotland. VOM FASS is the perfect destination for those with adventurous palates.

Aside from carrying tons of exclusive goods, VOM FASS also hosts some of the most sophisticated yet inviting events in Southern California. IEShineOn was privileged to attend the high-class event, Scotland Comes to Claremont. As we entered through the doors and into the establishment, the two friendly owners Denise and Kim instantly greeted us. They graciously invited us in to enjoy chef-prepared whisky-infused foods, fine whiskeys, wines and great people.


ieshineon_vom fass claremont

We were able to meet the Scotch Master Stewart Laing from Hunter Laing & Co., who traveled all the way from Glasgow, Scotland to spend a long weekend teaching classes in sunny California. Stewart Laing is a top-notch Scotch whiskey blender and bottler, and he works to supply only the finest tastes to VOM FASS. Given the opportunity to not only try Laing’s specialty whiskeys, but also to also enjoy his friendly personality and reputable knowledge was one-of-a-kind.



Among the five whiskeys that we personally tried, two absolutely stood out, and they happened to be those that were mixed by the Scotch Master Laing. They were the Mac Spey Malt Whisky Blend and Cragabus Scotch Islay Blended Scotch Whisky. Mac Spey was intense with an overpowering spicy and citrusy kick. The Cragabus was quite the opposite, with a heavy campfire aroma. As I lifted the glass to my nose and then finally tasted it, the heaviness of the smokey flavor completely took over. All these bold flavors and more were complimented with an assortment of decadent foods prepared by Eighteen 48.

From the various assortments of sweet and savory treats, our favorite taste was the meticulously prepared chocolate mousse.  We made friends with the chef, and he surprised us by sending us home with mousse-to-go! The chef wasn’t the only acquaintance we made—upon leaving VOM FASS Claremont, we felt like we had just enjoyed the last three hours catching up with old friends while learning something new about whisky.



With expert pourers educating us on the various components of fine whisky, the chef taking time to share his culinary expertise and the friendly staff and owners at VOM FASS Claremont, we recommend stopping by this charming establishment for a taste of whatever excites your senses. If you would like to reserve your spot at one of their exclusive events, be sure to sign up for their newsletter. Events at VOM FASS Claremont are so desirable, they tend to sell out fast!

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