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Hello Bakers!

I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions and I thought it would be helpful for everyone if there was an FAQ.  I hope the answers below will help but if there’s anything still missing please ask it in the comment section below and I’ll add to the FAQ.


~~ FAQ ~~


Q: What are the different ways Bakers can participate?

A: In the following ways:

  1. Enter the competition and host a booth to pass out free cupcake tastings, as well as sell items.  This is open to Amateurs and Professionals.  If you do not have a business permit, bakers are required to either have a Cottage Food Operators permit for Riverside County or fill out a Kitchen Agreement Form.
  2. Only enter the competition and not host a booth (open to Amateurs and Professionals)
  3. Not enter the competition and Only host a booth to pass out free cupcake tastings, as well as sell items (open to Amateurs and Professionals)
  4. Only sell food items.  If you are interested in selling food items please keep in mind that the booths passing out free tastings are usually more popular with event guests.


Q: What’s the difference between a professional and amateur baker?

A: A professional has a business license for their baking business.


Q: What type of health permits will I need?

A:Please keep in mind a health inspector from the Riverside County Health Dept. will be inspecting all booths starting at 10 a.m.  Please have your business license and any other permits on you at the event.  He may also call each baker individually to go over the health rules and to answer any questions.

As a professional baker all you will need is your business license.

An amateur baker, who does not have a Cottage Food Operators permit, is required to bake all their entries in a commercial kitchen.  Amateur bakers are required to get the Kitchen Agreement form signed by a commercial kitchen and bring it with them to the event.

An amateur baker who has a Cottage Food Operators permit (for Riverside County – San Bernardino County CFO permit will not be permitted) does not need to bake their entries in a commercial kitchen.  If you need a CFO permit for Riverside County please download here.  If you’re not sure whether you fall under the CFO regulations please check out the CFO FAQ.


Q: Are there any other health restrictions?

A: Each baker will be provided a hand wash station – some type of water dispensing unit, bucket to catch the water, paper towels and soap.  Please bring your own rubber gloves to serve your cupcake tastings.


Q: Baker registration form says 400 mini-cupcakes, is that required?

A: Yes.  Last year, we ran out of cupcakes and we definitely don’t want to repeat that mistake.  You don’t want to be the one baker packing up early because you were unprepared.


Q: Do I have to host a table if I only want to enter the competition?

A: No, you do not.  You can simply drop off your entry per the rules in the Baker Registration form.


Q: I am a professional business and do not want to enter the competition and only want to host a table.  Can I do that?

A: Yes, you can.  You will need to fill out our merchant table form for bakers.  Download here.


Q: What is the prize for competition winners?

A: Bragging rights, trophy and other prizes.  Plus, winners will be mentioned in a post-event press release, website and social media announcements.


Q: Will amateur bakers be competing against professional bakers?

A: Nope, there will be a separate judging for both.


Q: What are the cupcake competition categories?

A: Best Overall and Most Unique Ingredient.  There will be a First, Second and Third Place.


Q: How many entries can I enter for each category?  And if I enter more than one do I have to pay a separate $50 fee?

A: You can enter two entries per category and only one $50 fee required.


Q: I’m entering the competition, do I need to purchase admission tickets?

A: If you are only entering the competition and not hosting a table you will receive one General Admission ticket and will need to purchase your tasting tickets.  If you are hosting a table you will receive two General Admission tickets and will need to also purchase your tasting tickets.


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