Experience Dance

  Hi neighbors – Did you know that it was National Physical Fitness Month?  If the sunshine wasn’t enough reason  to get out there and active then maybe the Physical Fitness Month will give you that extra push.  That’s why I’m focusing on the California Riverside Ballet today. California Riverside Ballet is a great local ballet […]

Inland Empire Earth Day Fun Guide

    Hi Inland Empire – It’s definitely a do-good type of weekend, right?  First it’s National Volunteer Week and it’s also Earth Day on Sunday.  It’s convenient Earth Day falls on a Sunday this year so we can go out with our family or partner in crime and check out a lot of free […]

National Volunteer Week

    Hi neighbor- It’s National Volunteer Week this week and all over the Inland Empire there are opportunities you can help our community. In a previous blog post I mentioned that I was determined to do more volunteering this year and I figured National Volunteer Week would be the perfect time to start.  I […]