Culinary vacation abroad


It’s nearly time to think about your next vacations… the step from spring to summer is actually smaller than you think and in a moment it will be already summer time.

Holidays and vacations will be the next target for many people. If you are thinking of planning a vacation, you can go and get suggested something nice by a tour operator.

You will probably suggested to visit a European historical city or a village on a pacific island with beaches and white sand.

We think that among so many destinations (each of them is great!) you may want an idea for a different vacation. So, why don’t you think of a culinary vacation abroad?

This is can be the way to get in touch with the true cuisine of a place and eat like all locals.

Cooking and learning to cook

You can visit the most charming places of Europe or Middle East and trying to approach the local cuisine and tastes. probably, the first thing you will notice is that smells and aromas are completely different for you and you will feel curiosity to try those beautiful dishes.

Because you have to know that in many places of the world cooking is not only preparing food. Cooking is also creating a nice to look composition in an empty dish, trying to match colors and shapes of each ingredient.

It’s all about a sort of research for a sense of beauty in the food. For example, food for Georgian people should attract the eyes of those who look at a dish. Tastes and aromas are secondary, but not less important of course.

The Khinkali

One of the most popular Georgian recipe is the khinkali recipe. This dish is a very common dumpling in Georgia and you can find it served in all restaurants.

The best side is that preparing a khinkali is both creative and easy. To taste this Georgian dumpling the best way you should hold the top and suck the juices while taking your first bite. The main ingredients used to prepare the khinkali are flour, water and salt for the external part.

The filling requires beef, lamb, onion, salt, ground black pepper, fresh cilantro. As you can see, it’s a well aromatized dish with particular flavors that add the khinkali a wonderful smell and general taste.

Learning how to prepare the food you can get to eat abroad is one of the best cultural baggage you can carry on and take home after the vacation.

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