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Hi neighbors –

Did you know that it was National Physical Fitness Month?  If the sunshine wasn’t enough reason  to get out there and active then maybe the Physical Fitness Month will give you that extra push.  That’s why I’m focusing on the California Riverside Ballet today.

California Riverside Ballet is a great local ballet company that presents two major productions every year. You may be familiar with one…just a little to-do called “The Nutcracker.”  *wink*  One of their goals this year is to invest in their community by making Outreach the number one priority.  Due to recent state and local government budget cuts for the arts in our schools, the California Riverside Ballet is trying to fill the gap by providing both Performance Outreach and Experiential Outreach.

Performance Outreach provides performances to small groups while the Experiential Outreach allows participants the chance to learn various dance techniques from members of the ballet company.  Personally, I think the Experiential Outreach would be a great way to stay fit, especially during this National Physical Fitness Month.  Both outreach programs can be hosted by any organization for its members.

CRB still has availability on their calendar, if you know of a worthy organization interested in hosting an Outreach event, please contact CRB offices at 951-787-7850 or at crballet@sbcglobal.net for more information.

Or if you want to support the CRB but not really into getting sweaty, then definitely check out the Taste of Brews event coming to White Park on June 2nd.  General Admission is $30 and VIP is $40.  This year, proceeds will benefit the CRB.  In support of the CRB, IEShineOn will be hosting another ticket giveaway for this event starting Thursday, 5/24.  So keep an eye out on the blog, Facebook and Twitter!

If you’re a fan of the CRB, their performances or their outreach program we’d love to hear about it.  Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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