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By: Jamie Solis, Tom's Farms, Corona, Petting Zoo

Going on adventures breaks up the monotony of life, and that is what the weekend was made for. Always game for a new experience, my family and I headed out to the petting zoo at Tom’s Farms in Corona last Saturday. This is a cute destination for you and yours, especially if you have any animal lovers in your pack. Even if animals are quite your thing, there is plenty more going on all weekend long that will capture your interest.

Tom’s Farms was easy to find, with numerous colorful buildings and brightly-colored signs located just seconds off the 15 freeway. My fiancé and I got our five-month old daughter strapped into her stroller, and we headed down through the craft fair, where everything from unique garden decorations to colorful dresses and custom bows were displayed for purchase. In a dirt field behind this outdoor market, there were two pens of animals. One enclosure contained the petting zoo that we were searching for, while the other was set up for pony rides. The hay bails and old wooden buildings surrounding this area brought upon a western feel. We paid the reasonable admission of $3 each to enter the petting zoo, which included a small cup of feed for the goats and chickens., Tom's Farms, Corona, Petting Zoo, Petting Zoo 2

Walking into the quaint petting zoo through the metal gate, a pack of hungry goats came up to say hello. A few of the small pygmy goats jumped up softly to get a sniff of the food we had in our cups. My fiancé and I held our baby the entire time, and she was busy reaching towards the friendly animals and talking to them. People of all ages made friends with the chickens, rabbits, goats and pig. It was a fun experience for both children and adults to hold out a handful of food to feed these adorable animals. While my family and I were happy to meet the many animals at the weekend zoo, we absolutely fell in love with the sweet potbelly pig who appreciated a good belly rub.

I would recommend the petting zoo at Tom’s Farms to other families. Not only did we meet lovable creature companions, but the animals also appeared to be clean, happy and well taken care of. As a vegetarian and animal activist for over a decade, giving this petting zoo my stamp of approval is something I did not take lightly.

Aside from befriending the cute animals at the petting zoo, there are many other reasons to visit Tom’s Farms. Some families might choose to enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of enjoying lunch by the fountain pond during the weekday. However, the weekend holds many more attractions for everyone. This is because Saturdays and Sundays are the only days you can enjoy The Family Fun Zone., Tom's Farms, Corona, Petting Zoo, Carousel

We made our way over to the other side of Tom’s Farms where the restaurants and attractions surround the pond. I personally enjoyed taking a ride on the train that loops you around the scenic greenery, and we watched as other kids ages four to eight raced around on mini tractors. There is also a shooting range where you can test your aim, live music on the water, magic shows, a classic carousel and much more. The Family Fun Zone is open from 10 a.m. to 5p.m., so we spent the entire day entertained.

Not all kid-centric activities in the Inland Empire are also mom, dad, auntie or papa friendly. Fortunately, this local weekend destination spot was fun for everyone in my family, especially considering the many options for restaurants and shopping. Best of all, you can enjoy a full day at Tom’s Farms without having to take out a second mortgage on your house. Come for the petting zoo, and you will absolutely stay for all the amusement Tom’s Farms has to offer . . . I know we did!


This experience was shared by contributing writer Jamie Solis.


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