Inland Empire – Heat Keeping You Indoors?


Ah, summer in the Inland Empire! So many amazing summer events to be looking forward to, not to mention a trip to the water park, ice skating ring, or the splash pad guide! When you want to cool off and you feel the air is unbreathable and it's simply too hot to do anything else in the outdoors, catching a ride at one of the water parks in the area is one of the best ideas you could come up with. But if you feel you are simply lacking the right kind of inspiration to get you through the hot summer, you should definitely check out our suggestions on the dedicated pages on our web site.

Get Ready For Water Park Fun!

Fewer things seem to be cooler and more refreshing than swimming during a hot summer day when temperatures rise to the point of severe discomfort. For most people, a public pool is the number one choice, unless of course they are lucky enough to have access to their own private pool in the backyard. But for now, let's think of those of you who can only choose a public pool for the summer. If you live in the Inland Empire area, you can take advantage of the many excellent water parks here. Not familiar with any of them? Then feel free to take a quick look at our dedicated pages and make your pick: the Colton Water Parks, the Crestline Water Parks, or the Ontario Water Parks are just a few of the amazing locations you will find details on. Check out admission fees, opening hours, and whatever else you might need to know to go there prepared.

Grab Your Smartphone!

If the summer heat is simply too unbearable to go out in the sun, why not find some entertaining things to do inside the house? Since you are already most likely grasping your phone nonstop, why not use it for something more than checking your social media accounts?

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  • Since the hot weather is keeping you trapped inside your house, use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, sip some cold and refreshing homemade lemonade and take advantage of the opportunity to become better familiarized with games you never had a chance to study fully.

  • Watch video tutorials on how to boost your skills and learn new tricks and secrets on how to increase your odds of winning.

You can also try out some new summer smoothie, cocktails, or lemonade drink recipes and test out other dish recipes you never had a chance to try. Pull down all the drapes, make some popcorn, turn your A/C on and set the mood for the perfect movie afternoon or evening.

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