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Hi Friends & Neighbors –

This is a very personal blog post because I’m talking about hair removal and it’s not usually a topic I share readily.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of checking our Dr. Tattoff Tatoo Removal’s office in Montclair. This is a new location for the Dr. Tattoff office which is based in Beverly Hills. They contacted me about promoting their new office in exchange for a blog post about my experience.

Don’t be fooled by the name.  Their state-of-the-art tools do more than just tattoo removal.  Dr. Tattoff provides some medspa services like laser hair removal for face and body.  I’ve had laser hair removal treatment before and I’ve had a great experience so I was expecting real excellence at Dr. Tattoff’s.  I sure was not disappointed.  I found my experience there to be a great pleasure.

Here are a few things I enjoyed about my experience at the Montclair office:

THOROUGH…What I really appreciated about the Dr. Tattoff office was a technician very thoroughly explained to me the entire process of hair removal – what I can expect and what I should consider for post-treatment. Although I had already gone through the experience of laser hair removal I still appreciated the reminder.

DETAILED…The meticulous nature of Dr. Tattoff’s is visible as soon as you walk into the office.  The lounge area welcomes you with beautifully inspired modern furniture and colors.  The attention to detail is also visible with the cleanliness of the office which is something you definitely want from your laser hair removal professional.

EFFICIENT…I loved how I scheduled about an hour for the appointment but the sign up and treatment took about 40 minutes.  I had enough time to check out the Mediterranean restaurant – Theo’s Cafe – next door.  So that means these appointments can easily fit into someone’s lunch break.  Sweet!  (By the way, I asked the ladies at reception where I should grab a bite and they recommended Theo’s Cafe next door.  So glad they did!)

Summer is rapidly approaching so I would highly recommend that you get your laser hair removal done now.  You should keep in mind with laser hair removal the area in which you had the laser treatment needs to be protected from the sun so definitely start making those appointments.  Choose areas that are not going to be exposed to the sun like the underarms and bikini. So for those that are wearing pants all the time and never wear skirts this is really a great opportunity for you to get lasered.  Imagine no more waxing or shaving – finally one less thing to worry about.

Check out Dr. Tatoff Tattoo Removal at 9197 Central Ave, Montclair, CA 91763 | (909) 267-7200

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Thank you to the lovely ladies who helped make this appointment possible.  The receptionist, technician and everyone there were super helpful and all smiles.

Disclaimer: Results may vary.  Everyone’s hair type and pain threshold are different so just letting you know that results may vary.  Also, this blog post was a sponsored blog post by Dr. Tattoff Hair Removal.  A free laser therapy was provided in exchange for this blog post.


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