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Our celebration of National Shake Month continues with our newest blog post from guest blogger Ashley Khawsy from Chronicles of a Foodie.  Ashley is another Inland Empire local food blogger IEShineOn.com is highlighting this month.


We’re really lucky because she’s going to share her shake experience from one of Inland Empire’s local favorite ice creameries: Bert & Rocky’s in Claremont Village.


So without further ado… here’s Ashley!




Bert & Rocky’s, a well-known shop in the Claremont Village, is home to some of the best ice cream in the Inland Empire. Handmade in store with over 200 flavors to their name you’re sure to find something new to try every time you visit the sweet shop!


What’s special about Bert & Rocky’s, aside from the fact that they hand make all their ice creams is that they craft an assortment of goodies such as gourmet dipped apples, fresh dipped frozen bananas and a bigger more delicious version of the classic Drumstick. At any given time there are 50 different flavors available in the shop with flavors being swapped out daily to cycle through the 200+ available. But the greatest treat of all is the milkshakes made with these amazing ice creams.


I have a love affair with pistachio so I knew I definitely wanted that but I had to rethink things once I found out you could pick more than one ice cream, which turned my shake into a Pistachio Chocolate Almond delight. The shake was thick, creamy and had a great flavor combo between the chocolate and pistachio. It also had some crunch from the almonds in the ice cream.
The shake the cashier handed me was huge! 24 ounces of frozen ice cream goodness for about $5! There were smaller sizes but the price is the same across the board – so go big or go home, or share with your friends! Definitely miles above any chain shake I’ve ever had.  Head to the Bert & Rocky’s in the Claremont Village if you happen to be in the market for an outstanding milkshake!






Thanks to Ashley for sharing her delicious adventure to Bert & Rocky’s with us.  If you’ve been to Bert & Rocky’s leave us a blog comment or rating and review.  We love sharing recommendations from locals!


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