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Hi Friends & Neighbors –

That’s right! I know it’s a big claim but I will never voluntarily call another cab for a ride again in the Inland Empire. Why? Because Uber has literally changed the way I think about paying for a ride.

Uber connects passengers with local Uber drivers via a smartphone app. Local drivers go through a screening, insurance check, car check via Michelin centers and testing before they are allowed to become an Uber driver. So you can rest assured that your ride is safe.

Uber has entered more than 60 cities ranging from its hometown of San Francisco to Berlin to Tokyo and now has rolled into the Inland Empire and is excited.

Not only has partnered with Uber to introduce it to the Inland Empire region but we also get to encourage folks to party responsibly. You know we love to party and sometimes we need to rely on a safe ride home. That’s why we’re so proud to announce our exclusive IESHINEON promo code. Sign up with Uber and you can get $20 off your first ride.

But, why the huge claim about never taking another regular cab ride? It was all about the experience! I have never had a regular cab arrive at my home in Upland in less than 45 minutes EVER. One time a cab couldn’t find my house and never arrived. And this ride was to the airport. I ended up having to drive myself and park at the Ontario airport lot so I wouldn’t miss my flight. I vowed I would find a better alternative to the regular cab ride.

Then Uber rolled into town and answered my prayers.

How I love Uber, let me count the ways… Uber is a very simple to use app. After you download it, it pinpoints your location and shows you right away how far away your closest Uber drive is to you. With a simple click of a button you can “Set Pick up Location.” After confirming you can “Request pickup”. Ride doesn’t start until you confirm.


When you first set up the app, you do have to enter your card information so that your account is synced with your card. Why? Because the app is how you pay for your ride after you have arrived at the destination. No more dealing with cash and NO TIP REQUIRED! Drivers rely on your rating at the end of the ride and every Driver has a rating that you can see once a rider is on his/her way to pick you up. You can also view, on the app, the type of car the Driver has, so that there’s no surprises. Just another checks and balance Uber has in place to ensure a great ride experience. The technology and innovative customer service aren’t the only reasons why I love Uber.

The picture below is of my Driver who, without any prompting, was waiting outside my house with the door open. This was just the beginning of my ride with Uber.


My Driver not only arrived within 12 minutes but also had a 5 out of 5 star rating, which I was really excited about and I could tell right away the reason why. He asked me if the air temperature was comfortable. He then offered me some water, mints or gum and offered to change the music to any station. When was the last time any of this was offered to you in a clean, spotless cab? Personally for me, NEVER!

My Driver and I chatted it up while on my way to pick up my friend in Pomona. After picking her up we drove back to Upland to enjoy a night at Dale Bros. Brewery in Upland. Upon my arrival, the Uber app on my phone notified me that the ride was complete and confirmed my final fare, which I approved and then paid using the app. After driving about 15 miles for my first ride it was only $31.87. How do I remember? I looked up my account online and could see my ride history.

I compared my Uber fare to a regular cab ride using Without heavy traffic, the total one-waycab ride would have cost me $40 without tip.

So, how was my ride home? The same fantastic customer service I received with my first ride. My second driver also had an immaculate car and he was so friendly. A family man raising his family locally he arrived on time and even allowed my friend and I to make a detour before we dropped her off at home.

So, what about the follow up? After you have paid you receive an email receipt for your payment. And for business travelers who need to send in their expense receipts, you can easily look up your ride history and download a receipt or have it resent to you. So convenient!

Here are some other things to keep in mind about Uber:


  • You can track your driver’s progress on the Uber app and see how far away s/he is (picture above). So convenient! Never be ditched by another cab driver again!
  • For UberX there is a $4 minimum fare. The base fare is $1.61 + $0.29/min and $1.25/mile. For a regular taxi, it is about $2.60 base fare and estimated $2.60/mile. What a difference! (Taxi fare based on Riverside, CA rate on
  • UberX is the first rollout for Uber in the Inland Empire. These are regular sedan vehicles (although my second driver did have a van) and not town cars or other fancy vehicles that were rolled out in other major cities. Makes it more affordable!  Other vehicles are available but there are a lot more UberX vehicles in the Inland Empire right now.


So, now can you tell why jumped at the chance to partner with Uber! We think it’s going to change the way everyone pays for a ride in the Inland Empire and we’re proud to work with Uber to spread the word.

Download the Uber app today and use promo code IESHINEON to get $20 off your first ride!


If you’ve used Uber before, we’d love to hear about it. Leave us a comment and tell us about your experience. Or if you use the IESHINEON promo code tell us about what you thought.
Happy travels, Inland Empire! was compensated for this blog post. However, all opinions stated are 100% truthful because we believe honesty is the best policy :)

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