Secure Electronic Transactions For E-Commerce


In the third millennium it’s pretty common to purchase items from online commercial websites and portals. Some of the most popular and worldwide known and used platforms for e-commerce include Amazon and eBay, that count millions users and transactions every day.

Now, as a matter of fact, there are also some people who don’t trust electronic transactions that much, because they don’t feel secure and safe. They have specific reasons to believe online transactions might not be so safe as they should be: hackers and other third parties might also enter users’ profiles and steal details or other personal and financial information.

How To Prevent Hackers

Online hackers are a realistic threaten for all websites where there is the opportunity of buying/selling items. In order to make your e-commerce portal you should consider the secure electronic transaction system.

The SET system ensures a 100% security level of financial transactions in the net. This system was supported at the beginning by important cards, including Mastercard, Visa, Microsoft, Netscape and a few more.

The SET systems creates, basically, an electronic wallet for each single user on an e-commerce platform, the transactions are then conducted using a combination of digital certificates and signatures among three parties: the user, the merchant, the user’s bank.

PT Unified Trade For Safe Transactions

There are also specific companies that are focused on providing clients and merchants the most advanced technologies in the field of online financial security and cyber security. PT Unified Trade is one of these important international payment processors whose goal is to offer clients 100% safe systems to conduct transactions.

You can read more about PT Unified Trade on our link to Sites.Google: you will find out that PT Unified Trade is a really trustworthy and modern company with a strong specialization in cyber security systems and risk management. Actually, the team of PT Unified Trade is made of a specialized group of professionals whose task is to evaluate and analyze the risk within the management of financial transactions in the net.

Clients at PT Unified Trade are normally, firm owners, companies in the financial, insurance and travel industries.

Frauds – Prevent Them All With PT Unified Trade!

One of the most essential reasons to request a consultancy service at PT Unified Trade is that this company is highly focused on cyber security and prevention systems of frauds un the net. We all know that frauds are the most horrible perspective within online transactions. With PT Unified Trade you can make your website or portal for e-commerce totally safe and secure.

PT Unified Trade’s team of specialists in fraud prevention and risk management review client’s cyber security systems and protocols. But clients can also do something themselves in order to help their own commercial activity in the net.

Tips From The Team Of PT Unified Trade

Here are a couple tips the team of PT Unified Trade decided to share with all clients and online users. In order to improve your online security, you can first change your passwords and make sure to generate always new and original passwords – this will help a lot. Make sure to change your passwords every 6 months, at least.

Another important thing you can do yourself is to take care with phone apps, in fact, some apps fro mobiles can access computer and personal/financial data.

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